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A Burlesque Inspired Wedding

Posted on September 25, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

A Burlesque Inspired Wedding

Me and Chantal

A few years ago I was approached by the very lovely Chantal, asking me if she could borrow some of my designs for a photo shoot for the Amsterdam Tattoo convention. The theme was right up my street so I immediately put a couple of outfits together for her and we met for the first time. Impressed with my enthusiasm for creating new and beautiful things she immediately said “if ever I get married I want you to make my dress.”

Earlier this year I received an excited text message from Chantal to say that the time had come for us to meet and discuss her dress! What an exciting project this was for both of us to work on. Chantal is a stylist and we definitely hit it off an a creative note: we took turns hand dying fabrics for her dress (see her dress lining being dyed here) and designed and made her fascinator together. I almost had my children believing we were having Fabric Soup that day ๐Ÿ˜‰

The way I normally work with new customers is:

– We have a chat about exactly what you have in mind and we can throw some ideas around together (see left: this was our first meeting to talk about what Chantal wanted).

– I then have a think about the pricing and send a quote, and the customer will let me know if she’d like to go ahead or not. This stage is obligation free and hasn’t cost a thing so far.

– When I get the go-ahead I start sketching and send designs via e-mail, wait forย  feedback, re-draw, re-send, keep working with feedback until the sketches show a dress that the customer is over the moon with.ย  This is a fairly short process as I normally nail it pretty quickly ๐Ÿ˜‰ (see below).

Design finished in just 2 versions

After the design is approved I move on to make a ‘toile’ which is a 1st version of the garment in a cheap fabric. This is used to re-draft the dress pattern to perfection. I then make the dress in the real fabric and alter it further after a 2nd fitting. Sometimes a final fitting is needed, e.g. the hem is finished after you finally decide on which pair of shoes to wear!

PHOTO 1: toile for a 1st fitting. PHOTO 2: 2nd fitting with the real fabric. PHOTO 3: The Big Day with me and Chantal

I also made a few other things for the wedding, see photos below:

Fascinator designed together with Chantal

Necktie for the groom

A newly designed dress for me

Chantal’s daughter Zion’s dress


I was delighted to have been invited to Chantal’s wedding as a guest so I made myself a little 50’s inspired dress in beige chiffon with a black lace pattern, and a matching fascinator with curled pheasant feathers and large silk orchid (see photo above).

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